rustic camping

Island camping on 31 Mile Lake

It is the Corporation of the 31 Mile Regional Park that manages campsites on the islands, and ensures the protection on the public lands of the Lake of the Trente-et-Un-Milles. The Corporation has been mandated by the SAGE (Société d’aménagement et de gestion environnementale) watershed of the Thirty-One-Miles Lake.

SAGE has developed the 30 campsites by installing a fire pit, a dry toilet, a picnic table and a bucket to facilitate the extinction of the fire. Campers are required to register with the SAGE Marine Team, who cruises the lake daily. A minimum of two nights is required to make a reservation.

To book one of the 30 developed sites or for more information :

La SAGE 31 milles
(819) 465-2600