Primitive camping on 31 mile lake

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The reservation does not include:

  • Firewood
  • Boat rental
  • Toilet paper for outhouse
  • Parking fee in Ste-Thérèse, N.D. de Pontmain and Bouchette

The SAGE stands for “Société d’aménagement et de gestion environnementale du bassin versant du lac des Trente-et-Un Milles” (society for the environmental management of the Thirty-One Mile Lake area).                                                                               The SAGE manages both the campsites and the public lands associated with the lake. The SAGE was established in 2002. For three years, the SAGE has overseen the lease of its thirty campsites and of over 200 other protected sites where camping is not allowed due to a fragile ecology. These leases have been established through the “Ministère des ressources naturelles et de la faune du Québec”.

The SAGE has set up each of the thirty camping sites with a firepit, an outhouse, and a pinic table.

The SAGE is a non-profit organization made up of representatives from the lake’s six (6) adjoining municipalities, along with the “MRC Vallée de la Gatineau et Antoine-Labelle”, the “Association pour la protection du lac des Trente-et-Un Milles”, the association “Les amis du Pemichangan”, the “Club de chasse et pêche de Gatineau”, the “Société sylvicole de la haute Gatineau” and of the company MAJOPIAL. All funds for the operation of the SAGE come from its partners and from the fees levied through the campsites.

How to reserve an island

If you who would like to camp on one of the thirty (30) campsites, click on the link on top of the page and make a reservation online. Or visit the SAGE website (link comming soon)

Members of the SAGE cruise the lake daily and will drop in to check your site. At your campsite, the SAGE will also inform you of any requirements for a safe stay, especially those concerning campfires (e.g., there are some 4 to 8 fire incidents per year due to improperly extinguished campfires).

The SAGE does not manage any of the parking areas around the lake. Please note that the reservation does not include the parking fee in Ste-Thérèse, Notre Dame de Pontmain and Bouchette.