Maximize your enjoyment of our resort activities by renting a berth at our marina located on the shores of Lac des Trente-et-un Milles, at the heart of the municipality of Bouchette, in the Gatineau Valley.

If you never leave home without a list of nearby marinas in hand, make sure to add ours to your list!

Our marina can accommodate up to 18 boats. You can drive your boat to our dock or use our public boat launch.

You can leave your truck and trailer in one of our parking spots while you relax and enjoy a day at our resort.

Rent a berth for the day or for the entire season. If you choose to spend the night at our inn, feel free to leave your boat at the marina and your car in the parking lot while you sleep with complete peace of mind.

We accept all boats except those with cabins where people can sleep.

Need to fill up? We also offer this service.

If you don’t own a motorboat, you can still enjoy a day on the lake by renting a canoe or kayak. You can even use this opportunity to go fishing.

Conclude your day in style by enjoying a meal on the patio of our bistro-style restaurant, which overlooks the marina.

So if you were looking for a marina, restaurant and holiday resort, you’ve found it all in one place. For great getaways and holidays right at the centre of the municipality of Bouchette in the Gatineau Valley, visit Village récréotouristique Majopial.

Feel free to call or email us to discuss your ideal vacation package.